TerrUP's philosophy is to "update" (English) the earth "Terra" (Latin) in a positive direction through the products we have created.

Through TAKEZEN TABLE, we not only established a method for reusing disposable bamboo chopsticks and reduced the amount of waste, but also taught people that wonderful things can be made from everyday items, and created new ways to reuse other "materials." Let's work together to create a society where people can


Yuichi Murakami

Born in 1992. After working as a working adult for four years, I became a graduate student and learned about business in general, including marketing and accounting. I realized that in the current business environment, there is a need for business activities that pay attention to the natural environment.

During this time, when I was working at a restaurant, I saw a large amount of discarded bamboo chopsticks and thought it would be possible to recycle them as a "material" called wood, and thought that this business was necessary in today's society.

In the future, I would like to propose various upcycled products to the world, not just disposable bamboo chopsticks.