Why not take a look at the things you use on a daily basis?

There are things in the world that we are not aware of.

It is full of things that can be used for a longer time.

The same goes for bamboo chopsticks.

We are being disposed of in restaurants, hotels, etc.

Considering bamboo chopsticks as a “material”,

A unique design that takes advantage of the characteristics of bamboo chopsticks.

An interior brand.

Why not create a new form of reuse together?

Approximately 4.3 billion pairs of disposable bamboo chopsticks are imported into Japan alone each year.

wooden disposable chopsticks

It is recycled as a raw material for paper,

Bamboo disposable chopsticks have fibers left behind,

It cannot be turned into chips, which are the raw material for paper.

Currently, it is not being reused.

In other words, bamboo chopsticks that have been transported over a long period of time are

Food is thrown away after only a few hours of eating and drinking.

From things that everyone throws away and takes for granted,

What is being made is reborn in a new form.

Products that take full advantage of the charm of disposable bamboo chopsticks are

Even though I am familiar with my living space, what I have been able to see until now,

It makes you realize that things look completely different.

A new cycle of “materials” that have not been reused until now

Would you like to create it together?