Why not take a look at the things you use on a daily basis?
The world is full of "things that can be used for a longer time" that we are not aware of.

The same goes for bamboo chopsticks.

We consider disposable bamboo chopsticks discarded by restaurants and hotels as a "material", and take advantage of the characteristics of bamboo chopsticks.
An interior brand with unique designs.

Why not create a new form of reuse together?



TAKEZEN made from recycled bamboo chopsticks
This is a unique upcycled product that pursues a unique design that only bamboo chopsticks can express. They are so smooth and comfortable to the touch that you wouldn't even think they are disposable chopsticks, and the top plate and iron legs are each carefully made to order.

Our Supporters

  • Ikuta Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    It all started when someone asked me if I would like to work with them to create a table with a unique top and unique iron legs. To be honest, when I heard that the tabletops were made with disposable chopsticks, I thought, "Is it possible to make beautiful tabletops with disposable chopsticks?", but when I actually saw the product, I was impressed by its smooth texture and catchy feel. I couldn't hide my surprise at the unique design. We hope that the iron legs, which utilize the sheet metal technology that we have cultivated over many years, and the TAKEZEN TABLE, which pursues sustainability and design by TerrUP, will be recognized by society and make someone happy.

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  • Yamazaki Interior Industry Co., Ltd.

    A friend of mine told me that someone was looking for packaging materials, and I decided to meet with TerrUP. Since they are making tables by reusing discarded disposable chopsticks, we proposed that they could use our fusuma paper as a packaging material instead of throwing it away, based on the same concept. We hope that together with TerrUP's table, we can deliver a sense of excitement and excitement to our customers.

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  • Takeda Co., Ltd.

    Our first encounter was when our representative, Mr. Murakami, came to our company when he was looking for a resin that could harden disposable chopsticks. It has been 130 years since our company was founded, but this was the first time we had received a request for resin to harden disposable chopsticks. I still vividly remember being surprised at how beautiful wood-like wood grains could be produced with disposable chopsticks when I was given some resin samples and shown a board with hardened disposable chopsticks. I want TerrUP's products to give customers the same excitement that I felt, and at the same time, I hope that fewer disposable chopsticks are thrown away.

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